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The Blood Knot

by John Galligan

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A superbly told tale of trout and red herrings chased with vodka and Tang…

Kirkus (starred review)


The last thing The Dog wanted was to find another body.

But there was Annie Adams—the barn lady—floating dead at his feet, her easel and paints set up on the bridge above his head. Standing defiantly beside them, a frightened and stubborn nine-year-old—The Avalanche Kid—shotgun in hand, dares the Dog, “You saw me hit her. Now go ahead and tell somebody.”

And so the Dog wades through “Kussmaul country,” encountering some scandalous paintings, a dispute over trespassing, a shunned Amish woman on meth, and a quite possibly rabid beaver.

And the Dog knows, this is not a fishing trip.


A superbly told tale of trout and red herrings chased with vodka and Tang…The tetchy xenophobia of Witness combined with the unbridled energy of Deliverance and a touch of The Compleat Angler: one helluva story.

Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

[Galligan] brilliantly draws the Snopes-like Kussmauls while writing with flair and passion about fly-fishing, art and fate.

Publishers Weekly

Fly fishing, drug abuse, and a backwoods Amish community form an unlikely yet irresistible mix in this deeply-textured noir.

Mystery Scene Magazine

His writing is unique in a genre where books can very easily blend together. While they claim to be fly fishing mysteries, they are much more. They are human and emotional and poignant and totally original. His insight into human nature is evident on every page.

Crimespree Magazine

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